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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions for our Agents and Groups. Click any question to jump to the answer.

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  1. I am an Insurance Agent in the State of Florida. I am interested in selling your commercial dental plans to clients. What requirements must I meet to sell your plans?
    All agents need to have a 2-15 or a 2-40 license to sell MCNA Dental Plans' commercial plans.
  2. Does MCNA accept members with pre-existing conditions?
    We accept all members. We do not exclude members in our plans based on pre-existing conditions. These plans are discount plans provided by MCNA Dental Plans.
  3. I am an employer of a business in the state of Florida. Does MCNA Dental Plans have a plan that would enable me to provide low cost dental coverage to my employees?
    MCNA Dental Plans' Platinum 400 plan is open to employers in the state of Florida. You can set this plan up for your employees and their families.
  4. Does the Platinum 400 plan require a minimum number of members to be enrolled?
    The Platinum 400 plan is for groups of six or more.