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Devoted Health
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Plan Overview

MCNA has been providing exceptional dental services to its members since 1992. MCNA has been chosen by Devoted Health to provide dental care services for their members.

Devoted Health offers Medicare Advantage plans that provide more coverage than Original Medicare, including supplemental dental benefits such as cleanings, routine dental examinations, and dental x-rays. Currently, Devoted Health serves select counties in Florida.

Information for Members

Dental benefits are provided through MCNA Dental. If you have any questions about your benefits or need additional information, please contact Devoted Health at 1-800-DEVOTED (1-800-338-6833), TTY 711.

Choice of Dentists

As a member with Devoted Health, you are able to select a General Dentist who will look after all your dental needs. You may easily search for a dentist online at, or call Devoted Health at 1-800-DEVOTED (1-800-338-6833), TTY 711, for assistance.

Dental Benefits

All Devoted Health members will be on the MCNA 500 Series Plan. To view a summary of dental benefits available to you through Devoted Health, please go online to You will also be able to view your full, detailed Evidence of Coverage documents and other helpful information. Please call Devoted Health at 1-800-DEVOTED (1-800-338-6833), TTY 711, if you need help understanding your dental benefits.

Information for Providers

MCNA network dentists in select Florida counties now have the opportunity to provide dental care and services to Devoted Health members. If you are in MCNA's network and would like to learn more about participating with Devoted Health, please call our Provider Hotline at 1-844-349-6262. Please view MCNA Dental's Quick Reference Guide for more information about this plan.

To learn more about Devoted Health, go to their website at

Plan Type: Medicare
Age Range: All
States Served: Florida
Member Services: 1-800-338-6833
For more information about Devoted Health, visit: