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Dènye Nan MCNA

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MCNA Dental announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Texas Health and Human Services to continue to provide dental managed care to enrollees in the Texas Medicaid and CHIP Dental Services programs. MCNA Dental began providing dental benefit management services in Texas in 2012 and currently serves almost 1.5 million Medicaid and CHIP recipients statewide. Operations under the new contract are anticipated to begin September 1, 2020.

"We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Texas Health and Human Services, and look forward to continuing our mission to
improve the oral health of children across the state. We thank the dentists and dental professionals in our Texas network for their hard work and dedication to quality care for our members, and welcome the opportunity to continue our close collaboration with them," said
Dr. Philip Hunke, Plan President.

MCNA Dental is a national dental benefits administrator serving Medicaid agencies in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Utah. Through its affiliate Healthplex, MCNA Dental also serves members throughout New York State and the Northeast Region. We provide 8 million members across the United States with access to high quality preventive dental care through comprehensive provider networks built to meet their oral health and wellness needs.

"Our team utilizes local expertise and relationships with key community organizations as part of our focus on early and ongoing preventive care, positive engagement, and targeted member outreach. We are proud to be a part of the future of the Texas Medicaid and CHIP Dental Services program, which is a proven model for managed dental care nationwide," said Shannon Boggs-Turner, Executive Vice President.

MCNA Dental has a well-established program for improving the oral health of communities across Texas. Our proven member outreach and education strategy includes partnering with nonprofit organizations, local schools, community groups, and healthcare organizations to reach members in the communities where they live and work. Since 2012, our Texas-based Member Advocates have participated in over 2,000 outreach events, educating Texans about the importance of oral health and connecting with the communities we serve. MCNA Dental's Member Advocates also assist with the coordination of care through our Case Management Program to ensure appropriate dental care for members with special health care needs.

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