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Dènye Nan MCNA

Anba la a se dènye nouvèl ak enfòmasyon nan MCNA, ak nouvèl nan patnè nou yo nan endistri swen dantè a. Ou ka abòne tou nan RSS News Feed, nou an oswa ou ka swiv nou sou Sitwèb Medya Sosyal nou pou jwenn aksè rapid nan dènye nouvèl ak evènman nou yo.

Pou jwenn ransèyman sou laprès, kontakte Biwo Relasyon Medya nou nan:

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MCNA Dental and its affiliate, Healthplex, announced today that they have donated $250,000 to community-based organizations operating in New York, Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska. Our goal is to support the communities, families, and individuals who are facing challenges to their financial and physical health due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to monetary donations, our team has donated 150,000 meals through the Food Bank for New York City, supplied surgical masks and gloves to NYC Health + Hospitals, and provided dental kits to community groups in each of the markets we serve. These contributions will support the oral and overall health of our communities by helping to increase access to vital resources during this unprecedented time.

"MCNA Dental and Healthplex are collaborating with organizations within our communities to channel donations directly to pandemic relief efforts. Our team members across the country are proud to be able to help make a difference for our members and their families with these donations. Throughout this crisis, we have worked tirelessly to provide the support and customer service that they need to maintain good oral health, including helping them access necessary urgent and emergency dental care," said Glen Feingold, Chief Operating Officer of MCNA Dental and Chairman of Healthplex.

"In the midst of this global health pandemic, we want our members and the dentists we partner with to know that we are there for them to help our communities overcome adversity. Our desire is to help them meet their most urgent needs, relieving the stress that so many are facing in communities across the nation," said Carlos Lacasa, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of MCNA Dental.

Our donations build on our longstanding commitment to giving back to the communities we serve in an effort to strengthen and support our members, network providers, and state partners in the face of adversity.

Community support organizations in nine states have received health supplies and financial donations from MCNA Dental and Healthplex to help them in their efforts to alleviate the hardships felt by so many across the country. The organizations that we have supported include:

  • New York City Health + Hospitals - New York
  • Food Bank for New York City - New York
  • San Antonio Food Bank - Texas
  • Second Harvest Food Bank - Louisiana
  • Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank - Louisiana
  • Feeding South Florida - Florida
  • Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance - Arkansas
  • Food Bank for the Heartland - Nebraska
  • Community Action Partnership - Idaho
  • Salt Lake Education Foundation - Utah
  • Utah Food Bank - Utah
  • Food Bank of Iowa COVID-19 Relief - Iowa
  • Southeast Warren Food Pantry - Iowa
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