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Our Technology

Setting the Standard for Industry Technology

MCNA provides a full range of dental benefits management services including:

  • Primary and Specialty Care Dental Network
  • Member Services
  • Provider Relations
  • Claims
  • Enrollment
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Credentialing
  • Compliance
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MCNA Dental manages enrollment, provider network, claims handling, and other operations data on a fully integrated proprietary management information system (MIS) called DentalTrac™. DentalTrac™ includes online benefit enrollment and eligibility determination, web based reporting and business intelligence, and end-to-end containment solutions, integrated into a powerful claims engine for seamless claims processing.

MCNA has successfully completed an independent, third-party SOC 2 audit of the processes and controls that ensure the security and availability of our information management systems and data.

Ultimate Flexibility

MCNA developed DentalTrac™ with uniquely structured modules allowing us to easily adapt to changes in our business such as enrollment growth and client reporting requirements.

Integrated Compatibility

DentalTrac™ is a fully integrated management information system increasing the efficiency and accuracy of our online enrollment, adjudication and billing processes.

Cost-Effective Scalability

DentalTrac™ is hosted across multiple geographically dispersed, military grade, secure, and state-of-the-art data centers. All hardware components are fully mirrored in every location guaranteeing high scalability and business continuity to support our current and future needs.

Online Enrollment and Eligibility

DentalTrac™'s comprehensive enrollment and eligibility module is based on a powerful rule set that is used to determine eligibility so that the only benefits offered are those for which an insured qualifies. DentalTrac's™ Enrollment and Eligibility foundation replaces time-consuming paperwork and increases accuracy to guarantee proper delivery of services while maintaining costs under containment.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

DentalTrac™'s complete business intelligence solution delivers clinical analysis with a zero footprint since the information is accessed through a browser. Business intelligence is available 24/7 such as paid claims, enrollment statistics, claims lag, plan productivity, utilization management, and provider and practice profiling among many other out-of-the box analytical reports. DentalTrac's™ reporting module is flexible enough to allow MCNA to deliver any custom report requested upon demand.

Claims Business Process

DentalTrac™'s claims management module allows for scanning and data entry, claims examination, plan building and claims processing audits, automatic claim adjudication, EDI, claims processing and pre-processing.

HIPAA Compliance

The DentalTrac™ system has been based on HIPAA-compliant solutions. MCNA is fully committed to ensuring a clear and easy path to HIPAA readiness well ahead of federally mandated compliance deadlines.

Interactive Web and Voice-Enabled Benefit Communication

DentalTrac™'s fully integrated, interactive and voice-based systems empower MCNA to offer 24/7 access to claims and benefit information, and real-time transactions such as EDI claim uploads.